Students from an IPICS University

If you are enrolled with an IPICS partner University (for the full list) please contact your local IPICS speaker for further guidance. 

Being nominated by an IPICS university you have the benefit of being fully supported, at a low registration fee.

Deadline for applications is May 26th, 2017

 IPICS ECTS acknowledgement

The IPICS course ends with a group presentation and requires students to hand in an essay. Topics will be assigned at the end of IPICS. Both, presentation and essay will be the basis for grading students. The IPICS offers upon completion a certificate stating course content, lecturers, duration, and final grade. This certificate will be honoured with 4 ECTS points by all IPICS partner Universities (please discuss details with your respective local IPICS speaker beforehand).

Certificates will only be awarded if the course is finished completely, meaning fully attended and with passed home exam (essay).